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VMware eliminates spreadsheets and enhances sales planning with the Anaplan platform

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The Anaplan platform provides us with all of the analytics available so decisions can be made faster.

Director of Business Process & Solutions


Prior to implementing the Anaplan platform, VMware tried to reconcile multiple inconsistent data sources across inflexible spreadsheets and siloed systems, which resulted in significant productivity loss. Sales reps didn’t know what territory or accounts they were responsible for until nearly the third month of the planning cycle. Collaboration between the sales and finance teams wasn’t fast or effective, as no one had a consistent view of current conditions.


VMware began the search for a new sales planning solution that could not only replace Excel, but also could take data from disparate systems and roll up using different dimensions, including customer and product hierarchy. Additionally, VMware wanted to find a way to enable its finance and sales teams to collaborate more effectively, and give reps and managers better visibility of accounts on the first day of each planning cycle.


Leveraging the Anaplan platform, VMware developed the multi-dimensional modeling it needed to bring together business rules and data from various sources. This new capability helps sales leadership streamline the planning process by performing complex modeling, running “what if” scenarios, and analyzing data using different dimensions. The framework has also enabled faster and more effective collaboration between the sales and finance teams. Now, everyone has a single view of the data.

Why Anaplan

VMware was excited to completely replace its spreadsheets, eliminate data inaccuracies, and enable a faster roll up of data. The finance team believes that by implementing the Anaplan platform, they can reduce cycle times for whatever planning dimension it focuses on. The VMware team knew Anaplan was a platform with more flexibility and capabilities than any other and one that could enhance the overall performance of sales team.