Supply Chain Planning Apps

Anaplan Applications for Supply Chain Planning are priced based on a set of pricing drivers. Depending on the Module these include the number of products, markets and inventory holding locations, and the granularity of the time scale.


    Supply Chain Modules

      Pricing Driver(s)

Demand Planning Statistical Forecasting Module

Based on P, M, T

Demand Planning Module

Based on P, M, T

Inventory Planning Module

Based on P, L(I), T

Rough Cut Capacity Planning Module

Based on P, L(P), T

Production Planning Module

Based on P, M, L(P), T


P = number of planned products

M = number of planned markets (customers/countries/channels etc.)

L(I) = number of planning inventory holding locations

L(P) = number of planned production locations

T = number of time periods within a year to be planned


Anaplan reserves the right to audit and amend the Fees for the subscription at any time where it has been identified that there has been a material deviation from the metrics used to determine pricing.  A material deviation is defined as a 25% deviation of any combination of the Pricing Drivers outlined above.

For clarity, a material deviation is calculated as the product of all changes in Pricing Drivers within a Module, with a change measured as New Driver/Prior Driver.

For example:  For the Demand Planning Module, a material deviation would be deemed to occur only in cases where:

(New P/ Prior P) * (New M/ Prior M) * (New T/ Prior T) > = 1.25