April 18, 2022

J-POWER adopts Anaplan for business planning for advanced management decision-making and fast, detailed data analysis

Power Development Corporation (J-Power) in Japan has provided power generation and consulting services throughout Japan and around the world for more than 60 years. Efficiency is of the upmost importance to J-Power, so Anaplan was an obvious choice for their income/expenditure planning and management system, resulting in faster and more sophisticated decision-making, and significant cost minimization.

Before deciding to adopt Anaplan, J-Power relied on traditional spreadsheet tools and encountered lengthy delays and inefficiencies when consolidating and analyzing internal data across departments.

Shifting to the cloud-based platform with the introduction of Anaplan offered ease of consolidation and analysis. The results include a significantly shortened aggregation period, rapid monitoring of business performance, and allowing the company to spend more time on strategic, advanced, and important tasks.