April 27, 2022

1 min read

Meister uses Anaplan to optimize organizational efficiency and growth

As a producer of team-focused and user-friendly software designed to improve creative and collaborative processes, Meister, a SaaS company headquartered in Vienna, Austria, prides itself on helping its clients increase team efficiency. Fueled by a 2021 infusion of $52 million in new venture capital, Meister is looking to become a dominant player in the crowded global market of digital collaboration tools. That is why Meister now uses the Anaplan platform to improve collaboration among its Sales, Marketing, HR, Product, and Finance departments and to integrate all relevant data as part of its annual planning processes.

With Anaplan, Meister is optimizing its organizational efficiency. “We are transforming Meister into a truly data-driven company,” said Patrick Prokesch, Chief Commercial Officer at Meister. Before switching to our Connected Planning platform, Meister used a system of isolated spreadsheets and siloed planning processes that quickly proved insufficient. Specifically, Meister used Google Sheets for its planning and budgeting. Operational bottlenecks emerged due to the manual effort involved, which impeded any detailed analyses needed to support quick decision-making. Additionally, it became evident that to support Meister’s data infrastructure improvement goals, a multi-faceted platform that could integrate natively with Google’s BigQuery Data Warehouse (which connects data from ERP and CRM systems) was required.

“Our goal of quantifying our growth targets means that manual work processes with spreadsheets are no longer suitable,” Prokesch said. “Instead, we have decided to create a scalable infrastructure across all parts of our organization. Anaplan CloudWorks enables us to connect data from our data warehouse and to plan and make effective decisions in real-time. It represents an opportunity to bring our organization to the next level while supporting collaborative business planning. These aspects excite us the most about our new approach to Financial Planning, supported by Anaplan.”

Meister will also use Anaplan’s platform to understand the behavior of its customers better, as they will be able to run detailed cohort analyses and include territory and quota planning for their growing sales operation.

Meister currently offers three main products: MindMeister, MeisterTask, and MeisterNote, a suite that provides end-to-end workflow management for teams through collaborative mind mapping, task management, and documentation, respectively.

To learn more about the many ways Anaplan helps businesses to scale rapidly through effective planning, visit /customers.