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Nucleus Research: More than 72 million workers involved in planning

Read more in their Guidebook on Connected Planning with Anaplan

Why Connected Planning is the solution

Nucleus Research talked to Anaplan customers and businesses in multiple industries. What they discovered: Although 72 million workers worldwide are involved in planning, the majority still use spreadsheets, which leads to a planning process that is slow, unproductive, and disconnected.

As a response, Connected Planning has emerged as a concept that, in Nucleus’s findings, increases efficiency, accuracy, productivity, visibility, and overall time to insight. In addition, the “Nucleus Research Guidebook: Connected Planning with Anaplan” details:

  • Best practices for implementing Connected Planning across the enterprise
  • Why companies choose Anaplan, including usability, scalability, and Anaplan’s single-platform approach
  • How various departments use Anaplan, and the benefits they gain from Connected Planning

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