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AWS partnership and solutions

Anaplan and AWS have been working together since 2016. We are leaders in our respective markets–Anaplan for cloud-based Connected Planning, AWS for cloud infrastructure. We are aligned to deliver five value propositions to our joint customers:

  • Accelerate digital transformation: Drive digital transformation with industry-leading joint solutions working with AWS cloud services such as Amazon Forecast, S3, Lamda, EC2, and more.
  • Intelligent forecasting: Deploy flexible, ML-driven forecasting to drive greater forecast accuracy with less effort using internal and external datasets integrated into planning cycles and decision-making.
  • Smart data management: Manage where data resides to uphold data residency and comply with country-specific data and access regulations. Prepare datasets to deliver accurate predictions and planning scenarios with greater agility.
  • Enhanced elastic scale: Deliver planning use cases that transcend geographic barriers with data proximity to enhance Anaplan performance.
  • Optimize cloud spend: Sharpen cloud cost, forecast, and allocation insights with detailed granularity. Align your cloud technical and finance teams to achieve trust and governance with your cloud investments.

The partnership empowers global enterprises to run and access Anaplan’s leading in-memory, Hyperblock® calculation engine on AWS’s innovative, best-of-breed, secure infrastructure on a global scale. Customers are speeding digital transformation with access to joint cutting-edge technology such as intelligent forecasting, gaining more flexible management over data residency to easily comply with local and industry-specific compliance requirements, and expanding with ease alongside business—all while optimizing their AWS cloud spend.

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