Cervello, a Kearney Company

Cervello is a professional-services firm that helps companies win with data. We solve complex data challenges, improve business analytics, and optimize business performance. Our Enterprise Performance Solutions practice focuses on the processes, systems, and data of the Office of the CFO. We help Finance organizations transform themselves to be better business partners and provide value through accurate forecasting and performance measurement. We focus on driving flexibility and analytical capabilities through the use of cloud-based technologies, design of enterprise planning processes, and the integration of additional data sources. Our expertise is focused around the following areas:

  • Financial planning and forecasting process design and improvement
  • Connected planning process design
  • Financial reporting, analysis, and modelling
  • Performance management process and application design and implementation
  • Data and process integration
  • Data management

  • Our partnership story

    As an Anaplan partner since 2014, we’ve built over 40 models with more than 23 Anaplan Certified consultants, and we continue to grow. Our focus with Anaplan is to help our clients achieve analytical insight and operational efficiencies through connected planning processes.