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Anaplan opens up completely new opportunities in Enterprise Planning and Executit helps its clients to capture and leverage those. Executit is the end-to-end partner that can support in planning and implementation of the Anaplan solution, but also in adjustment and redefinition of the impacted processes when necessary. Our team has a broad experience from finance, operations, and management consulting and has gained extensive experience in implementing Anaplan in various organizations and industries. We also help make sure that our clients leverage Anaplan through efficient integration, great front ends, and with processes like predictive forecasting or machine learning.

Our partnership story

Executit was founded as a dedicated Anaplan partner in 2015. We work exclusively with Anaplan and, through years of operation, have gained extensive experience working with Anaplan in multiple industries, functions, and processes. Executit delivers end-to-end Anaplan knowledge and helps our clients to leverage the new opportunities in their organizations.


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Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, ASEAN (South East Asia)


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