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EY’s Compensation Management solution brings together specific requirements for both sales compensation managers and sales representatives to provide end-to-end control and transparency in the commissions process by:

  1. Defining and customizing compensation plans, with the option for multiple plans per role
  2. Assigning sales representatives to compensation plans with the flexibility for subsequent adjustment if required
  3. Managing performance using real time data from source systems
  4. Presenting accurate calculation of commission pay-outs to sales representatives, based on actual performance data to facilitate regular and timely payment
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Boost motivation and productivity within your sales force

EY have designed a Compensation Management solution with a dual focus – firstly to empower sales compensation managers to excel in their role by providing complete control over the commissions process and secondly to bolster sales rep confidence in the process by increasing the visibility of data available to understand their performance against targets.

This solution meets the needs of any sales compensation manager by automating and simplifying commission calculations while maintaining tight controls and traceability across performance data. sales compensation managers can manage and add compensation plans based on defined metrics to respond to the changing incentivization needs of the business. We also recognize the importance of exception management as part of the day-to-day role of a sales compensation manager and this flexibility has been embedded across the solution.

The importance of engaging and motivating sales teams for whom targets are set and assigned cannot be overstated. The solution provides full transparency for sales teams relating to performance against metrics. Using performance data from source systems, the solution offers visibility of performance against each metric, with associated incentive payments detailed for each sales representative.

Solution features

  • Manage compensation for large sales teams within matrix organizations operating across multiple product lines and markets
  • Define and manage compensation plans with multiple metrics, assigning weightings to incentivize business objectives
  • Control compensation variables including adjusting targets, actuals, and variable pay metrics to fine-tune incentives
  • Project estimated incentive pay-out potential based on robust, timely, and accurate performance data from core systems
  • Engage sales representatives through visibility of potential pay-outs, improving motivation, productivity, and retention
  • Analyze performance of sales teams against targets based on real time data to better manage the team’s performance
  • Display complex incentive calculations in a simple and user-friendly design to improve transparency and comprehension
  • Consolidate critical sales performance data to improve the consistency and integrity of financial information