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Tax leaders and CFOs are under immense pressure to fast close, which includes doing tax reporting and provision in less time. At the same time, organizations face increasing digital tax and reporting requirements. Tax and finance teams spend too much time data cleansing and reconciling information, leaving insufficient time to perform value-added activities. EY’s Intelligent Tax Reporting provides tax planning and reporting capabilities that transform existing tax spreadsheets, stand-alone solutions, and group finance applications.

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Integrate tax with financial reporting fast-close

EY’s Intelligent Tax Reporting is designed to provide complete control over the tax reporting process and enable the tax function to have confidence in the end-to-end process by:

  • Ensuring that the same source of data has been used with the finance organization, eliminating the need for reconciliation and data cleansing.
  • Automating and simplifying the tax provision calculations.
  • Providing control over workflow and traceability throughout the fast-close process.
  • Enhancing visibility and transparency of data to review and manage the tax function.
  • Improving reporting and analysis capabilities with the data available.

Solution features

  • Flexible tax forecasting: Flexible effective tax rate forecasting and analytics.
  • Fast-close tax provisioning: Rapidly integrate and reconcile to finance data.
  • Integrated transfer pricing: Refresh TP profit and cost allocations with latest data, fully integrated with tax provisions.
  • CbCR: Fully integrated CBCR reporting workpapers.
  • Smart return to provision adjustments: Mass upload and tracking of tax return data, and fully integrated historic tax data.
  • Real-time management reporting and analytics.
Transfer Pricing Adjustment
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