Profitability and Cost Management for Financial Services

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EY Profitability and Cost Management for Financial Services is a business-led and technologically enabled solution developed on the Anaplan platform that adds agility and innovation to how our financial services clients generate and manage profitability insights. It was developed by a multidisciplinary team of finance, technology, and data practitioners to address common pitfalls in cost and performance management capabilities.

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Understand the cost and profitability of lines of business, products and clients

Solution features

With the solution, financial services clients achieve the following business outcomes:

  • Increased transparency and line of sight into business, customer, and product profitability.
  • Reduced time spent on the mechanics, and more time spent on outcome-oriented, value-added analyses.
  • Improved ability to determine the impact of forseen and unforeseen events on profitability of LOBs, products, and customers.
  • Better decision-making abilities on product strategies and targeted market campaigns.
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