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The EY Sales Planning solution supports large scale, complex sales planning helping organizations set account level targets and assign sales representatives to those accounts. Our solution has been designed to accelerate implementation by:

  1. Enabling planning across the multiple dimensions of an organization
  2. Planning against different metrics simultaneously
  3. Linking territory planning directly with target setting
  4. Integrating the solution into the current system landscape

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Plan in detail to identify and target growth and generate real time insights

At EY, we recognize that no two businesses will execute their sales planning activities in the exact same way. Our solution has been designed based on an in-depth understanding of organizations ranging from complex global businesses with multiple product lines to medium service-led businesses.

Using our experience and planning expertise, we have developed a solution that enables organizations to:

  • Plan across multiple dimensions of the business, e.g. simultaneously by product and industry routes-to-market
  • Plan for multiple performance-driving metrics – focusing beyond just revenue
  • Build territories for sales teams alongside planning activities
  • Leverage real time data to inform sales planning activities

This solution has been designed to connect with core functional systems to source base data from Finance, HR, and other commercial systems. This is critical to ensure data integrity and quality is maintained across the business when much of an organization’s performance data is owned by non-commercial teams such as Finance.

Embedding a defined planning process into Anaplan through the EY Sales Planning solution drives consistency and credibility by providing rich data driven insight to challenge how sales strategies are translated into actionable go to-market plans.

Solution features

  • Support planning for large scale matrix organizations operating with multiple product lines across multiple markets
  • Enable products and markets to align on targets from a corporate level down to the individual account level
  • Enable multi-metric planning at the account level
  • Align on targets to promote shared ownership and set joint responsibility across different teams
  • Update account targets and allocations in real-time, to provide visibility of metrics and sales activities
  • Integrate with other internal systems to incorporate multiple data inputs
  • Enable data and insight driven planning, improving the rigor and quality of sales targets
  • Connect to external systems to share targets, quotas, and account allocations to support budget and performance tracking