Spaulding Ridge

Spaulding Ridge offers executive-level, practical advice to scale your business. Whether it’s defining your company’s strategic plan, developing growth strategies, or unlocking innovation through cloud investments, Spaulding Ridge helps our clients navigate through their most challenging and critical decisions. We leverage our expertise across industry, finance, and technology to deliver tailored solutions and exceptional outcomes.

Our partnership story

We are one of the largest Anaplan partners in the world, with expertise across all areas of connected planning both in the industry and at Spaulding Ridge. The team is comprised of a mix of finance and technology professionals from Big Four sales effectiveness, supply chain, and corporate finance leadership. We also have dedicated, integration, reporting and analytics, advisory, and zero-based budgeting practices that support our Anaplan business. We have a pragmatic delivery approach that focuses more on our client outcomes than traditional consulting methodologies.

Spaulding Ridge is one of the original Anaplan partners with the foundation of the practice being the acquisition of Plan Rocket. We have one of the largest teams in the market, which demonstrates that our clients recognize our expertise, Anaplan’s support of our team, and our expertise in connected planning.