Demand Planning

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What you will get with the Demand Planning Buyer’s Kit:

  • Sample demand planning RFP template
  • Demand planning datasheet
  • Anaplan demo: Demand planning
  • Supply Chain Brain Paper: Digital demand management
  • Circle K customer story: A new approach to demand forecasting
  • Del Monte customer story: Demand reaction time cut from 5 days to 5 minutes

In today’s fast-paced market, if you don’t have the data you need to make intelligent, timely demand planning decisions, you’re already behind the curve. Anaplan factors in all relevant data into one platform, empowering planners to sense and drive demand by manipulating levers such as pricing, promotions, and inventory. Stop making demand planning decisions based on the past and start shaping the future.

Download the Demand Planning Buyer’s Kit to begin your journey toward an intelligent demand planning process.