Balancing long-range goals with resource realities: Strategic Planning Demo

How your strategic planning syncs with organization-wide target setting and resource optimization

You must align and balance strategic targets with the required resources to support how you create and deliver a product or service. With this comes the costs to operate and grow your business as well as the people needed to deliver on your company’s goals.

Without a proper level of planning, costs can skyrocket due to ad-hoc hires or dependency on contractors, and revenue opportunities can be missed because the critical talent is not in place to execute for the business.

Watch our overview and demo of Anaplan modeling and planning capabilities that can help you:

  • Leverage long-range planning as a strategic tool for target-setting across the business,
  • Develop strategic workforce plans that support your organization’s long-range goals and initiatives, and
  • Establish scenarios to support decisions about talent supply and costs, skill development, location strategy, diversity hiring, and identification of pivotal roles for acceleration of strategic goals
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