Optimize execution of sales strategies with the increased agility of Anaplan on AWS

Discover next-generation sales planning, sales incentives, and sales forecasting

Outdated sales and performance metrics can lead to costly risks and diminishing returns. But you can plan your way out of common problems like spreadsheet confusion, territory inaccuracies, approval process delays, and annual planning that lacks EOY data.

Read this eBook to learn how you can drive sales productivity. Use real-time visibility into sales performance drivers and agile, intelligent tools to develop a connected revenue strategy.

It includes success stories from Adobe, Zillow Group, Vodafone, and Autodesk. Explore how you can gain benefits like they did — such as an 81% increase in win rates, transaction data updated as fast as every 20 minutes, sales planning time cut in half, automation of 90% of sales target-setting, and 80% faster completion of roll-up revenue forecasts.

Check out the eBook for more benefits.

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