Architects of business change: Awaken the potential of the modern CFO

In a landscape of continuous market uncertainty, today’s CFOs hold the potential to be their business’ architect of change, re-orienting their focus to push their organizations toward future success.

They just might not know it – yet.

A new survey from Harris Poll, commissioned by Anaplan and Deloitte, explores the perceptions colleagues have of their CFOs, how those perceptions differ from how CFOs view themselves, and the opportunities CFOs have to drive organizational change amid market volatility.

Read the report to learn about:

  • The rift in perceptions between CFOs and their cross-functional partners
  • The CFO’s new role as the business’ compass in uncertain times
  • Why ESG progress should be higher on the CFO’s core priority list
  • How CFOs can improve trust and build mutual understanding with their cross-functional partners.
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