The Need for speed: How Connected Planning helps retailers quickly realize revenue and profit

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In consumer industries, particularly retail, the biggest source of cost and risk is time. Demand changes quickly, reflecting the countless moving parts that shape it, while supply and distribution models struggle to keep up.

Even so, most retail planning is a siloed exercise done on spreadsheets. It’s no wonder that the retail planning process is serial, lengthy, and often inaccurate. Manual planning is fraught with replenishment miscalculations, product mix failures, and missed opportunities every day.

There’s a better way to plan. A Connected Planning approach is retail’s single best investment to turn around time risks, capture opportunities, and create revenue and profit faster.

Learn about the critical role planning approaches play in turning time into money. Join Anaplan and Forrester for a fireside chat to hear from retail industry experts.


Featured Analyst: Georgie Lawrie
Senior Director of Supply Chain, Forrester Research

Featured industry insider: Bob Debicki
Director of Consumer Industry Solutions, Anaplan

Moderator: Reginald J. Twigg, PhD
Supply Chain Marketing Leader, Anaplan