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Anaplan recognized as a Leader by Gartner in the 2018 Sales Performance Management (SPM) Magic Quadrant

Anaplan for Sales Insights

Gain the sales intelligence
that enables great decisions


Anaplan recognized as a Leader by Gartner in the 2020 Sales Performance Management (SPM) Magic Quadrant

Maximize your team’s selling power

Running an effective sales team means getting the best from salespeople with wildly different talents and abilities. To do this, today’s front-line sales managers are replacing gut instinct with data-driven strategies that turn their sales force into powerful selling machines.

Sales insights with Anaplan gives front-line sales managers the unprecedented ability to collect the sales analytics that matter and leverage them to maximize selling power. Sales forecasts, pipelines, pricing, deal desk: By optimizing these and other key sales intelligence, sales managers keep their teams operating at their highest potential.

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Sales Intelligence Software Use Cases

Sales Forecasting

An accurate sales forecast is key to shaping the future of a sales organization, especially as the numbers in the forecast govern so many other decisions: headcount, financial budgets, sales incentives, demand management, product launch, and more.

With Anaplan for sales forecasting, you can dramatically improve the accuracy of your forecast, giving you the confidence to lead your organization into the future.

  • Use machine learning and predictive algorithms to enhance forecast accuracy
  • Analyze trends over time, regions, teams, or products to better predict future sales
  • Easily test new parameters for calculating forecasts and receive instant feedback on their accuracy
  • Tie forecasts to territories, quotas, and incentives, ensuring that forecasts reflect your sales strategy and can adjust accordingly

With the Anaplan platform, you can reliably forecast the future, increase efficiency throughout the organization, manage your budget more effectively, and assign resources to maximize productivity.

Sales Forecasting >

Sales Pipeline Management

Pipeline data is arguably the most reliable source of sales intelligence available to sales leaders, providing actionable information about the health and potential of your sales plan. Optimizing sales reps’ pipelines, in turn, is one of the best ways to increase the velocity of your sales opportunities.

The best pipeline metrics aren’t just about size. With Anaplan, you can calculate pipeline shape, quality, size, and more to quickly produce a sophisticated analysis and dramatically improve your team’s win rate.

  • Analyze pipeline data in real time, instantly evaluating the health of your sales cycle
  • Calculate the perfect pipeline for each sales rep and raise the percentage of deals closed
  • Identify trouble spots and coaching opportunities
  • Reduce sandbagging, allowing sellers to play to their strengths

With the Anaplan platform, pipeline optimization becomes the ultimate tool for increasing the effectiveness of your sales team.

Sales Pipeline Management >

Pricing optimization

  • Use machine learning to determine the right pricing structure for each product and customer
  • Apply “what-if” scenarios to assess the effects of various pricing options
  • Leverage predictive analysis, using market data, historical data, advanced algorithms, and more to calculate the most likely outcomes
  • Stay competitive in a dynamic market, quickly adapting prices to accommodate market demands

Deal desk

  • Easily consolidate data to help reps with non-standard deals
  • Calculate the optimal pricing framework for complicated quotas and contracts
  • Rapidly move deals from opportunity to close
  • Gather input on deals from business units across the company
  • Free sales reps to focus on selling, instead of managing deal cycles

Deal Desk >