Sales Pipeline Management Software

Create more predictable revenue projections by improving visibility with connected planning.

Anaplan for Sales Pipeline Management provides a single hub for customer relationship and pipeline management. Easily track relevant metrics across the sales cycle, from early prospecting efforts to deal close, and categorize your leads to drive the sales pipeline. Empower sales managers to create more predictable revenue projections by improving visibility into their current revenue position.

With Anaplan’s cloud-based, centralized dashboard, view all of your accounts, manage outreach, and track individual client communications. Standardize pipeline management across the global organization. With full visibility, sales managers can act quickly to cover potential gaps, aligning the whole organization from top to bottom.

Why Anaplan Pipeline Management Software?

Facilitate sales cycle stage analysis
Track the time it takes accounts to move across the sales cycle and get an accurate estimated deal size. Calculate the qualified pipeline amount based on the likelihood that the deal will close.

Report and track company pipeline
Generate a read-only report of qualified sales pipeline for sales ops leaders and get a snapshot of the pipeline across the organization. View an executive report of sales rep outreach, specific messaging, sales rep pipeline amounts, and performance.

Enterprise financial planning

Enable sales rep management, territory, and quota setting
Create and manage sales rep teams, set quotas, and assign territories, regions, and accounts to your sales teams. Each sales rep can track all accounts that are assigned, including interaction dates and client responses.

Track sales rep leaderboards
Track the performance of sales reps across the organization, and view metrics that compare this performance against other reps. Roll up rep performance to total company performance with easy to read visuals and charts.

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