Dennis Sevilla, Director of Strategic
Planning, DocuSign

Dennis Sevilla discusses how DocuSign has kept pace with its hyper-growth through the development of an integrated business planning strategy. With Anaplan’s real-time reporting and true geo-dimensionality, DocuSign can confidently forecast their business strategy and revenue growth.

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I’m Dennis Sevilla, Director of Strategic Planning at DocuSign.

DocuSign is more than an e-signature company, we’re digitizing any type of transaction that involves paper anywhere in the world. I lead long-range planning within the finance team.

We all knew after the last planning cycle that it really wouldn’t scale to where we needed it. Once we saw Anaplan, we started realizing that not only could we fix those things that were really just in our world, but we could also work better with the other teams like sales ops, or HR, or recruiting, and have everyone use the same set of data and work together in the same tool.

We went in thinking that we would replicate exactly what we were doing before, and through the process of learning the agile methodology that Anaplan uses during implementations, I think we were able to then go a little further with everything. It’s actually really rewarding to work with Anaplan because the team is incredibly knowledgeable on the product and also different types of processes in terms of sales ops, finance. They really added a lot of value by guiding us and giving us best practices during the implementation.

The real-time reporting was one of the biggest benefits we have seen, specifically in sales forecasting, because that’s something that we would have to extract from Salesforce, load it into Excel®, if any of the hierarchies or mappings have changed, make sure that there aren’t errors before you send it out. And right now it’s just automated three times a day inside of Anaplan, and you can see at any point in time what’s going on.

One of the main capabilities that was appealing was geo-dimensionality. I think if you look at most planning systems, geo is typically an add-on to departments. So you have departments that are multiplied four, five, or six times, but that really isn’t truly deemed multidimensional, and so Anaplan enables us to just have one set of departments, one set of geos, and then be able to pivot it back and forth.

We are live today with sales forecasting and quota and capacity planning. Going forward, we are going to launch FP&A, workforce planning, and long range planning.

The true north for us is to have everyone in some way, shape, or form in Anaplan. That goes from workforce planning, finance, HR, and recruiting working together, to every business partner.

I would say Anaplan is the catalyst for change.

My name is Dennis Sevilla, and DocuSign is powered by Anaplan.

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