Tony Alizzi, Director of Sales Compensation Operations, HP in APAC

Tony Alizzi discusses how HP was able to implement Anaplan with minimal IT involvement and transform the way HP manages its sales compensation and quota planning process.
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HP had acquired a number of companies over the years. We have been using Excel, and frankly, the ability for Excel to handle the enormity of the changes that we were getting through as a result of new products to sell—also the style of IT that we are seeing at the moment—the way that our sales reps have to sell to try and target those guys was becoming way beyond the capability of Excel to handle.

So the last opportunity for us was that we were spending months trying to determine what the sales targets were, the assignments for our sales reps, and to get them oriented around serving customers.

We had an “aha” moment when we saw Anaplan for the first time simply by the speed and accuracy, both [of] which we can use. We were able to make changes on-the-fly, which were taking us literally weeks and months to do previously under Excel.

The implementation process that we had in Asia Pacific was extremely interesting from the point of view that we are a region, so we don’t really rely on a lot of help from outside. We are able to do most of the implementation ourselves within the region. We didn’t have a lot of consultants. I was expecting a huge number of consultants to be hanging around and trying to tell us how to do it. We were able to do most of the work ourselves in terms of the modeling, in terms of management of change, and getting users oriented to the new product and a new way of doing quota in our business.

We started to use Anaplan in ways we just didn’t expect from a point of view of analytics. We didn’t think that we would be able to get down to the point of looking at the cost-to-serve so quickly in the pace. It’s really good to see that we have now made these benchmarks where we can tell even if it’s costing us too much in one segment or another or in one country or another, compared to how we used to do it because we were just simply taking too long to make a change. And that’s really made our sales reps think that our management team is focused on the job at hand of improving HP as a company to work at, making us more customer-centric—just far more better feel around the goals we have at our company.

Hi, I am Tony Alizzi. I am the Director for Sales Compensation Operations at Hewlett Packard for Asia Pacific in Japan.

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