Anaplan customer and partner OpenSymmetry transforms its business using insights gained with Anaplan

Anthony Hutchins, SVP of Solution Services, shares how Anaplan has helped in OpenSymmetry’s growth.

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My name is Anthony Hutchins. I am the Senior Vice President of Solution Services at OpenSymmetry.

Anaplan is the most disruptive force in the planning marketplace today. They are a company that are helping their clients transform their businesses by providing the most powerful insight and decision-making capabilities through technology that is absolutely state-of-the-art.

OpenSymmetry is a system integration company, specializing in sales performance. We are a customer of Anaplan and we’re also a partner of Anaplan. Three years ago, we transformed our business into a numbers-driven company.

Before that, we had multiple sources of the truth. And we transformed that into a single version of the truth, where we’ve integrated a number of our back office systems onto the Anaplan platform so that whether you are on the executive team, the services management, the sales team, or anywhere in the organization, you can get very quickly to the information. That’s imperative for decision-making and it’s helped us really grow the company quite quickly.

We have the insight into our service forecasting, our sales forecasting, and revenue. We have our financial planning processes and budgeting processes driven on Anaplan. So, once we understood the capabilities that we had internally, the light bulb switched on, and we thought to ourselves, “We need to take that out there to our client base.”

One of the most innovative things that [Anaplan] has is the platform—a platform that gives the capability for customers, for partners to produce applications and really just create a collaborative marketplace in the planning space. The thing that stands out to me about implementing Anaplan for our clients is the speed and the agility in which you can deploy the technology and, consequently, the adoption that clients have

They are really gaining ROI very quickly and that gives clients tremendous confidence—and for us as a service provider, it means we can help our customers that much quicker.

We put customers at the forefront of everything we do. We are a very, very fast-growing company, as is Anaplan. The partnership that we have is extremely strong.

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