Wyatt Albertson, Senior Manager of Sales Strategy and Planning, Tableau

Wyatt Albertson shares how Tableau was able to eliminate hundreds of spreadsheets and deliver efficient sales planning with Anaplan.

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My name is Wyatt Albertson. I am the Senior Manager of Sales Strategy and Planning at Tableau. Tableau empowers business users to better understand their business in a lot of ways like Anaplan empowers its business users to plan their business. My role is to plan the headcount and sales growth at Tableau.

I was living in spreadsheet hell, more or less. One critical criteria when we were looking for a planning solution was that my team and the business retain control over the solution.

We were looking for a tool that would allow us to connect other applications, data, and kind of unify it in a way that will allow us to keep all of our systems that are used for analytics and execution.

Our first rollout of Anaplan was for sales planning, headcount planning, quota, and territory assignment. We were able to do our own implementation in 35 business days and maintaining our old plan in parallel to prove out that what we were building was correct. So it was mind blowing how fast we were able to get up and running.

We have a lot of different market segments, so we are dealing with a lot of sales people and overlapping geography covering different types of consumers, so there is a lot of complexities there to manage. We were looking for a tool that allows us to manage all of those complex mappings and in a way that ultimately would allow us to kind of set it and forget it.

The most powerful element of Anaplan is that our sales plan is no longer a black box. Our sales organization will have real-time access to their sales plan. Before that, every time there was a question, there was a call or an email.

I don’t know if I could survive more than a couple of planning cycles without it, so it’s a friend. It gives me longevity in my role.

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