Campbell Brooke, Worldwide Sales Director, Trimble Navigation Limited

Campbell Brooke discusses how Trimble uses Anaplan to drastically increase its sales forecasting and compensation plans, and level of detail.

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Hi, I’m Campbell Brooke. I’m the Worldwide Sales Director for Trimble Navigation Limited. We’re a multinational sales organization and as date listed that operate through 198 countries around the world. We have 26 sales offices, and we sell to the civil engineering community.

Before Anaplan, we had multiple challenges in the sales organization. We live and die for our sales forecasts. We’ve had multiple systems around for the last 10-15 years—Excel-based, multiple formats. We had to go across multiple time zones with multiple stakeholders. When we analyzed it, we had a 16-step process that was taking anywhere between four to five hours a week to generate the information to a limited view of stakeholders.

One of the bigger advantages is forecast accuracy. We’ve tied this to the comp plans for the sales teams. Additional to this we do linearity. We like to get all the orders booked in the first 60 days. And that again is measured to a comp plan, and that drives a culture for the sales team to be fully aligned, around multiple time zones, and we’ve seen a huge benefit and been able to track this on a week-to-week basis. We have multiple levels within the sales organization. We have continent managers, regional sales managers, and sales managers. One of the major advantages of the new forecasting model enables the sales managers, who are in the call phase fighting for those deals, to add in their forecast each week at that point in time. That has increased our accuracy. By going down to that third tier, where we’ve never gone in the past, we have developed very good granularity now to enable us to drive a very accurate forecast going forward.

We’re excited about the tools that are available to us in Anaplan. We’re now moving into a model to enable us to calculate market opportunity analysis with our channel partner. With these full analytics, we can make good decisions going forward, and we’re the opportunity for each investment purposes, whether we build a product or whether we build time and effort and develop in developing a channel.

We see a great future with Anaplan. We’re excited that we have exposure to it, and we will continue to use Anaplan through its best advantage. Trimble is committed to Anaplan. It’s now part of our sales DNA. It gives us the flexibility and the transparency we wish for, and we have a very bright future with Anaplan. I can’t wait until the next version comes out so that we have extra tools to enable us to drive more complex models.

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