Cooper McGuire, Co-founder and CFO, Zalora

Cooper McGuire shares how Zalora, a hypergrowth fashion e-commerce company, has transformed its business strategy and financial planning with Anaplan.

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We are a fashion e-commerce business that got started in early 2012. We have been a extremely high growth organization, and there is a lot of complexity just given this, this region of the world.

Zalora started simultaneously in seven different markets across the region that has meant that we have grown very organically. And that means that people have done things different ways in different markets. On top of that, we have sort of been creating back-end of systems and processes as we have gone along. So that means that the model came before the ERP, and now we are at a point where we need to standardize all of this.

As we were evaluating different business planning software, we really wanted to make sure that there was a high level of dynamism in whatever we did, because our teams already used to having [00:01:00] access to the raw data. And as an e-commerce business, we spin off a lot of different kinds of data and we use all of those types of data in our business planning process.

We are also across many countries at this point in time. So the ability to plan with all that data across different countries in one platform while not slowing down our current levels of growth it has been very important to us.

One of the challenges that we face is that, we are implementing an ERP, we are changing business planning software, we are making adjustments for our core business model and we are growing over a 100% per year. The ability to do all of those things right now, requires that any one of those pieces is highly dynamic and highly flexible.

And our vision of Anaplan is basically as we build up [00:02:00] different modules of our ERP as we get different streams of live data we can sort of selectively integrate into Anaplan. We can selectively standardize different modules within our business planning in Anaplan.

So we can sort of we can do everything at once or we can buy off individual pieces. We can format it in a way that the business decisions that come out of that information are easier to digest and we can get it into the hands of the users faster.

Hi my name is Cooper McGuire and I am the Co-Founder and CFO of Zalora Group.

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