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How to save on payroll costs: Key insights from a workforce planning expert


The platform for orchestrating performance.

The power, flexibility, and speed of building models on the Anaplan platform makes it particularly attractive to consulting organizations that want to quickly build apps, and easily embed proven, best-practice methodologies. Many of these organizations attended Hub16, including Workforce Insight, experts in workforce planning and labor optimization. The firm helps global companies, including more than 50 of the Fortune 500, save up to 5 percent of annual wage costs. People are often the most costly expense for companies, making workforce planning a vital building block in the enterprise planning process. We were delighted to catch up with Mike Emsley, EVP of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Workforce Insight during Hub16.

Power, flexibility, and agility—the best of all worlds

Mike explained the importance of having a platform such as Anaplan that allows Workforce Insight to aggregate data from disparate HR, talent, and workforce management systems, and quickly turn that data into meaningful analytics to help clients optimize current and future staffing requirements. Mike noted that Anaplan is a great solution for addressing that challenge: “Other solutions may have power, but they lack the flexibility and agility that Anaplan has. Conversely, some solutions are easy to use, but they can’t scale and they don’t have the power. With Anaplan we get the best of both worlds.”

Anaplan for quick time to value

Using Anaplan certainly helps the team at Workforce Insight quickly deliver demonstrable returns for their clients. Mike said his firm’s typical engagement is with organizations that have more than 15,000 employees and payrolls in excess of a billion dollars; therefore, achieving savings of between 2 and 5 percent of a billion dollars (or more) makes workforce optimization a very compelling proposition. And there are the softer, yet equally important, benefits that come—better collaboration and greater trust in the numbers.

“Anaplan’s new positioning in the market place—The Smart Business Platform™ is exactly what Workforce Insight helps their clients do—rise above transactional systems and get real value from their data to make smart business decisions,” said Mike.

Your organization can discover the benefits and savings of Anaplan for workforce planning too. For more information on how Anaplan is transforming HR departments workforce optimization, request your personal demo today.