Anaplan for Workforce Planning

Uncover workforce gaps. Understand the cost and business impact of your decisions about how to close the gaps.

Learn how you can leverage Anaplan to better manage workforce gaps. Leaders across finance, HR, and operations teams, together with workforce planning practitioners, can plan for critical workforce and skills needs and align them with long-range business plans and strategic drivers and initiatives.

You can model your headcount against financial budgets and growth projections to ensure alignment, while incorporating hiring and attrition, ramp times, costs, and market data into your models to achieve more accurate forecasts using Anaplan.

And discover how you can use Anaplan to balance workload based on your demand drivers to optimize your workforce capacity across teams and roles.

Use Anaplan to:

  • Provide complete transparency into your headcount and costs.
  • Align workforce planning with business strategy and budget.
  • Perform “what-if” scenario planning analyses to assess the impact of changes.
  • Pivot workforce plans quickly and effectively.
  • Provide early guidance for recruitment and closing skills gaps.
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