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The future of workforce planning takes strategy and technology

When we learned The Sunday Times of London was compiling a special section titled, “The Future of Work,” we jumped at the chance to be a part of it.

And it’s a good thing we did. 

Amid articles about advanced technology changes that are revolutionizing how we spend our working lives, few mention the revolution that is taking place in workforce planning systems. So in this edition of The Sunday Times, we discuss how recent technologies are transforming the way we plan our work and workforce in “The future of workforce planning is here.”

Workforce planning informs decisions in each area of HR, from recruiting and developing, to deploying and retaining people. Yet these aspects are often considered separately. Done correctly, workforce planning provides “the glue” for your HR processes. 

So what’s different today? New technology is enabling companies to deliver on the potential of their workforce planning efforts like never before. And we are just beginning to see the impact of machine learning, decision support systems, and a vast array of predictive analytics applications applied to workforce planning.

I invite you to read our article to learn how Anaplan’s advanced modeling and planning technology can help you plan collaboratively and unify workforce requirements for the current and future needs of your business—making hiring and retaining talent an enterprise-wide initiative.

How are you seeing new technologies most impacting the way you plan your workforce? We’d love to hear about your HR technology strategy in the comments below.