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Top 7 sessions to attend at Connected Planning Xperience (CPX) London 2019


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What’s the recipe for an unforgettable user conference? It takes the right combination of ingredients—enthusiastic attendees, innovators and thought leaders, networking opportunities, and inspiring speakers. After kicking off the inaugural Connected Planning Xperience (CPX) event in San Francisco, we’re set to continue the global tour with CPX London taking place at Central Hall Westminster from 30 September–1 October.

Whether you’re a business leader, model-builder, customer, or partner, or you’re just learning about Anaplan, CPX London has something to offer for every stage of the Connected Planning journey. As you custom build your agenda for this year’s conference, here are the seven sessions we suggest moving to the top of your list:

1. Digitization + Connected Planning = Faster, Better Decision-Making

Join Anaplan President and CEO Frank Calderoni for a sneak peek into the fully digitized future and see how Connected Planning can empower organizations to maximize real-time opportunities and continually improve business. Digital Transformation is accelerating the speed of business and contributing to a massive shift in the way businesses plan and make decisions. Calderoni will explore why leaders increasingly need better, faster data from across the organization (and beyond) and how Connected Planning can help your company stay ahead of its competition.

2. The Platform Innovation Powering Connected Planning

In this can’t-miss session, you learn from Anaplan’s SVP of Product Sampath Gomatam about how Anaplan’s collaborative cycle of innovation is driving its evolution as the leading Connected Planning platform. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at the advances within the platform that empowers decision-makers and dramatically improve the economics of the entire enterprise. For those wondering what the future of Connected Planning with the Anaplan platform looks like, this session is an absolute must—it’s your chance to gain access to insider information you simply can’t get anywhere else.

3. Planning at the Edge: Expand the Reach of Planning with Anaplan’s New User Experience

With Anaplan’s new user experience, planning across the enterprise becomes even more intuitive. Join Simon Ritchie, Director of Product Management, and Nitesh Arora, Sr. Director of Product Marketing and Strategy, and take a tour of the platform’s updated experience that connects people to data in the right places at the right time. Discover Anaplan’s “mobile-first” approach to planning and learn about the high-engagement user experience that increases collaboration, unifies offline and online data, and offers enhanced reporting capabilities to make better decisions, faster.

4. Anaplan Amnesty from a Spreadsheet Inferno

Error-prone, non-collaborative, and insecure spreadsheets are no solution for today’s fast paced, ever-changing business landscape. Join a panel of Anaplan customers as they walk you through a journey from trying to navigate the spreadsheet labyrinth to connecting plans across the enterprise using the Anaplan platform. You’ll see examples of what life was like before Anaplan, and how cloud-based Connected Planning has helped each customer improve collaborative, user experience, security, and efficiency. If you’re just starting your Connected Planning journey, we highly recommend attending this session.

5. Embedded Intelligence: A Deep Dive into Statistical Algorithms, Optimizations, and AI/ML Capabilities

Data is critical for building a plan and, in today’s business environment, making the best decision depends on having the right data in the right place at the right time. Tomorrow, data will become even more critical with machine learning (ML)-driven planning. See how data creates planning and engages people, enabling automation and intelligent planning. Hear how customers are already putting this into practice and learn more about the intelligence capabilities available in the Anaplan platform, ranging from 30+ statistical algorithms to one-click optimization and AI/ML features.

6. Connected Planning for Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, or Workforce (separate sessions)

Choose from four sessions focusing on Connected Planning for sales, finance, supply chain, or workforce. Take a deeper dive into how Anaplan’s Connected Planning platform can transform planning within your area of focus and help your business gain a strategic, competitive advantage. Learn how Connected Planning can help your organization overcome barriers to planning collaboratively and make better, faster decisions, and hear about real-life examples from Anaplan experts.

7. A Celebration of an Anaplan Center of Excellence (COE)

Standing up a Center of Excellence is a complex but rewarding process. There are many decisions to be made, but the goal remains the same: to efficiently achieve business objectives against the backdrop of maximizing ROI, standardizing best practices, and facilitating shared knowledge with an Anaplan deployment. Join Chris Weiss, Leader of Centers of Excellence, and Joanne Aldridge, Head of Special Projects, Finance at EDF Energy, for a session focused on what to consider when building a COE team that promotes, shares, and collaborates on the Anaplan platform. Hear how a panel of customers has uniquely built their own COEs and how they’ve connected business needs to actionable outcomes across their enterprises.

Become a Connected Planning hero

When it comes to cutting-edge business planning strategy, tactics, and innovation, CPX is a truly unmatched conference. With over 20 expert speakers, keynote presentations of the future of business planning, unparalleled networking opportunities, and the chance to become a hero within your organization, CPX offers ample avenues for uncovering ways to accelerate business value. For business planning professionals looking to increase agility and enable better decision-making across the enterprise, there’s truly no better place to be.
To view the complete agenda with session and speaker descriptions, sign up for pre-conference training opportunities, and register to attend, visit the official CPX London website. We can’t wait to see you in London next month!