Autodesk eliminates Excel and streamlines its forecasting processes with Anaplan

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When Autodesk moved to a subscription business model, it transformed core sales finance processes using Anaplan. By integrating Salesforce and other data with Anaplan, complex sales forecast processes are much faster, and the flow of data is more efficient and consistent. Overall, the company is able to handle complex planning processes with more flexibility than in the past.

Now, we can roll up our forecast in hours when it might have taken five times as long in the past.

Nick Hanson, Director of Sales Finance


Autodesk encountered multiple challenges by managing sales planning in Excel, including file size limitations, file corruption, and a time-consuming forecasting and territory planning process. The sales team couldn’t answer simple questions for the executive team because data was spread across numerous systems and multiple geographies. With hundreds of spreadsheets dispersed around the world, Autodesk’s forecasting process had hit its limit—and it was time for a change.


Facing frequent crashes, data integrity issues, and the inability to efficiently answer questions, the Autodesk team decided to look for a better planning solution that could connect and integrate disparate spreadsheet files. In the midst of a complex shift from a perpetual-license revenue model to a subscription-based model, Autodesk greatly needed a new planning platform with the scalability and flexibility to meet its ever-shifting business conditions.


Autodesk streamlined sales forecasting and territory planning with the Anaplan platform, replacing 100 percent of what the company previously used Excel for, in many cases. Before Anaplan, forecasting took five times as long. Now, the team can consolidate its forecast within hours. Anaplan provided the Autodesk team with the confidence and agility to make better-informed decisions with fewer headaches and huge time savings.

Why Anaplan

What set Anaplan apart from competitors was its flexibility, scalability, and structure. Additionally, Autodesk chose Anaplan for the benefits that a platform (vs. a point solution) can provide the business in the long term.