June 01, 2022

3 min read

Anaplan platform for enterprise planning now available on AWS in Australia

With Anaplan on AWS, Australian businesses can accelerate digital transformation with global, scalable, and world-leading cloud infrastructure for planning

SYDNEY, Australia – 31 May 2022 – Anaplan, a US-based, cloud-native, SaaS company that is transforming how global enterprises see, plan, and drive business performance today announced an expansion of its strategic relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced in February 2021. In Australia, Anaplan’s platform for enterprise planning will be hosted on the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region. The collaboration expands Anaplan’s reach to new customer segments on AWS’s world-leading cloud beyond current availability through the US East (Northern Virginia) Region.

By being hosted on the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region, Anaplan will be able to provide customers with data residency preferences the ability to comply with local and industry-specific requirements, while leveraging Anaplan across global teams and markets.

“Australian enterprises from many industries have embraced Anaplan to accelerate decision-making to drive efficiencies and stay resilient,” says Andy Thiss, Area Vice President ANZ at Anaplan. “Our collaboration with AWS will provide businesses looking to scale globally with access to the most comprehensive cloud provider, while meeting Australia’s data sovereignty requirements. We see a tremendous opportunity to work with a wider base of customers to drive their transformation efforts across finance, supply chain, workforce, and sales.”

Collaboration brings extended global reach, scale, and solutions Down Under

Running Anaplan on AWS aligns the planning needs of business leaders with the infrastructure requirements of IT leaders. With a scalable, secure cloud infrastructure and business planning solutions that work with large and diverse data sets, users across an organisation can confidently analyse complex scenarios in real time. Key benefits of Anaplan include:

  • Real-time data and agile decision-making that helps business leaders keep pace with the speed of change.
  • Rich data intelligence, using internal and external insights, for improved forecast accuracy and performance.
  • Intelligent planning and foresight to adapt nimbly to future business conditions.

“For more than a year, organisations have benefited from Anaplan leveraging AWS to provide advanced enterprise planning capabilities. It’s great to see Anaplan expand their data, intelligence, and planning services to Australia, to enable customers here to make strategic decisions faster. Customers can derive unparalleled benefit from the agility, scaling, and intelligence of Anaplan on AWS,” said Sumal Karunanayake, Head of Partner Success for AWS, Australia and New Zealand.

One way the collaboration with AWS comes to life is with Anaplan’s flexible scenario modeling capabilities, along with embedded intelligent forecasting from Anaplan PlanIQ with Amazon Forecast, a time-series forecasting service. Customers can improve forecast accuracy, drive higher forecast automation, and rapidly re-forecast against multiple scenarios. They can easily integrate data storage and analytics services from AWS, like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), a cloud object storage, and Amazon Redshift, a cloud data warehouse, for use with the Anaplan platform. From forecasting regional medication demands based on private and public data sources to accurately forecasting demand for consumer goods across channels based on promotion activity, Anaplan on AWS helps enterprises across industries optimise their operations for success.

Agility with Anaplan on AWS

With access to advanced planning capabilities, joint solutions, and seamless integrations in a scalable, secure public cloud infrastructure, customers using Anaplan on AWS can create a digital backbone for their organisations, confidently building agile, forward-looking plans that fuel innovation and growth.

For example, Australian home brokerage and insurance firms are frequently challenged today by the fast-paced housing market which is constantly evolving. With Anaplan, these firms can scenario plan different constraints to make collaborative decisions in real time.

“As Lendi continues to revolutionise the future of home loans in Australia, it is more important than ever to gain insight into the performance of the business and accurately scenario plan and model the future,” says Jason King, Chief Financial Officer of fast-growing Australian fintech, Lendi Group. Lendi Group includes both the Lendi and Aussie Home Loans brands. “With Anaplan and AWS, we will have a powerful, single source of truth about the performance of the business –and improved collaboration and transparency in our decision-making.”
Anaplan on AWS is available from the AWS Marketplace. To learn more about Anaplan on AWS visit /partners/aws/.