June 03, 2022

2 min read

MindGym flexes planning muscles with Anaplan

For more than two decades, MindGym has been a leading provider of digital training, coaching, and behavioral science solutions to FTSE 100 and S&P 500 companies. MindGym solutions equip businesses with the tools necessary to improve employee performance as well as their overall well-being. MindGym products and tools help business leaders create a culture of performance while simultaneously driving profits.

Given MindGym’s experience in leading organizational change and facilitating digital transformation, when the time came to select a planning tool to manage its next growth phase, the Anaplan platform stood out as the obvious choice. Anaplan has a proven track record when it comes to helping businesses switch from legacy planning processes to Connected Planning solutions. MindGym will use Anaplan to strengthen its Finance and HR teams as they prepare to take on an ambitious new business strategy.

MindGym’s previous business planning tools involved downloading and manipulating data from different sources, a process that quickly became unsustainable during the company’s steep revenue growth. Up to 80% of the financial planning and analysis (FP&A) team’s time was spent on manual planning, reporting, and analysis. That left very little time to focus on helping to serve the customers’ and the business’ needs.

With Anaplan, MindGym will implement a robust new FP&A system that seamlessly shifts from manual planning to planning by exception, “what-if” scenario planning, integrated financial statements, and visual tracking of financial metrics and KPIs.

In addition to FP&A solutions, MindGym will deploy Anaplan’s Workforce Planning tool, replacing its previous granular methods. This will optimize MindGym’s HR plans as they relate to salaries, bonuses, and other incentives. The implementation of Anaplan’s automated Workforce Planning tool not only saves time, but it also provides increased flexibility, and, most importantly, faster return on investment. MindGym can expand these capabilities into other departments as the business continues to grow.

“Organizations are extremely conscious of how their time is spent to deliver best-in-class products and services to their customers,” says Shankar Balakrishnan, Area Vice President, UKI, Anaplan. “A manual approach doesn’t work for businesses to operate effectively and quickly respond to changing needs. Finance departments need to be effectively supported with an optimized and Connected Planning tool, giving employees a holistic overview of financials for more accurate metrics and KPIs.”

Empowered by the Anaplan platform, MindGym can plan and consolidate more confidently, with greater visibility. The company worked with Anaplan EMEA Partner of the Year Bedford Consulting to use the Bedford Accelerator FP&A App, taking a “co-build” approach to meet their need for a fast set up, easy maintenance, and self-sufficiency after the plans, models, and reports are put in place.

To learn more about the ways Anaplan helps businesses deliver on their strategic objectives through effective planning, visit /customers.