Go beyond the boundaries of Finance

In this webinar, a panel of speakers including Ed Keane, Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis at Enstar, and Will Evans, Peloton Group, will discuss going beyond traditional finance boundaries by driving enterprise-wide workforce planning that integrates with finance to deliver results and align to revenue planning targets.

Attendees will learn:

  • How Enstar uses Anaplan to take their basic fundamentals of their FP&A planning process to lead the way and break down the silos across the company’s different teams.
  • Discover the art of driver-based forecasting and scenario modeling that can replace murky complexity with insightful clarity to help you effectively set and reach your revenue targets.
  • Uncover the value of aligning Finance and HR by leveraging the essential components of compensation planning and employee acquisition to both keep and best use your top-talent.
Watch the on-demand webinar