Anaplan for Margin Management

Anaplan for Margin Management enables banking leaders to model planning and forecasting processes while improving collaboration between finance and risk teams. Using Anaplan, banks can improve accuracy and agility—and make compliance easier.

Enable the develop of accurate net interest margin forecasts, leverage sophisticated financial models, and immediately see risk/return trade-offs. Provide deep insight into your bank’s rapidly changing business with an enterprise-wide framework that shows how each management decision, forecast, or event impacts profitability and risk. Provide the confidence to make swift and incisive decisions

Why Anaplan for Margin Management

Integrate risk and performance management
Ensure that every decision within a plan reflects the impact to the margin and the bottom line, along with credit, market, and liquidity risks.

Shorten project lengths and meet regulatory deadlines
Transform planning into a mechanism that strengthens the value of accurate planning and supports critical compliance mandates.

Enterprise financial planning

Separate strategic initiatives from business as usual
Give flexibility to managers responsible for new business initiatives. Enable them to forecast with the periodicity and level of detail they need.

Visualize the data
Dashboards, key metrics, and reports provide a real-time, granular view of your plan.

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