Anaplan for R&D and Innovation Planning

Why Anaplan R&D and Innovation Planning Software?

Drive tangible revenue
Easily categorize spend as it is tied not only to overall programs but to features and components along the way. Drive tangible revenue along with less tangible brand image and brand value.

Make data-driven decisions
Look at your data in new ways, whether by current categories or entirely new ones unique to you.Make decisions based on –and in association with –the right data-points.

Implement better cost control
Track progress and manage adjustments along the way – in real-time and at any interval – rather than the usual “wait-and see”method. Understand timelines, where to step on the gas (invest more), and when to hit brakes (reduce spend, pivot or divest).

Key Challenges and How Anaplan Solves Them

Common Challenges Anaplan Capabilites
Lack of visibility into spend allocation across various levels (corporate strategic initiatives vs. portfolio projects vs. single features) Align spend with strategic priorities and revenue potential while having a realistic picture of costs
Inability to accurately track what drives sustained growth and competitive advantage Bring together all available quantitative and qualitative data (from all sources) to ensure that data drives intelligent decisions
Lack of enterprise-level visibility around whether the right resources (money and people) are collaborating optimally Create top-to-bottom visibility and prioritization, so decisions reflect all of the data across an initiative as well as portfolios
Insufficient benchmarking among internal projects and external competitors makes assessing spend challenging Align data, people and plans across the entire R&D/innovation lifecycle

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