Our five-part sales performance management series continues with a webinar on sales compensation.

Every sales manager needs to strike the right balance between recognizing top performers and driving strong sales growth—all while ensuring the incentive compensation plan is fair, competitive, and profitable for the business. With the complexity of sales commission structures, there is no single “right answer” for how to set up an incentive program.

This webinar will discuss some key tactics for setting the right plans to make a greater impact on the bottom line.

Featured speakers
Rowan Tonkin

Rowan Tonkin
Practice Lead, Sales & Marketing Apps

Hassan Mahmood

Hassan Mahmood
Managing Director and Founder
Voiant Group

Register for the other webinars in this five-part series. Topics will include:

  • Tips for improving account segmentation and lead scoring to drive sales performance register here.
  • Transitioning from spreadsheet-based territory management and sales capacity planning register here.
  • Creating a comprehensive approach to sales forecasting register here.
  • Aligning sales, HR, and finance with effective sales targets register here.

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