You Asked, We Answered: Using Keyboard Shortcuts


Jill King

President and CEO

In our series “You Asked, We Answered” we address questions that pop up often on our Community page.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts that can be used in Anaplan?

There are several keyboard shortcuts to be found in Anaplan! Here are a few:

  • CTRL C » copies selected text
  • CTRL V » pastes copied or cut text
  • Function key ‘F2’ » opens the cell for editing – you can also double click the cell– or if the cell is formatted as a list, it will open the drop down list
  • Ctrl – » zooms view out
  • Ctrl + » zooms view in
  • Shift + F8 on your keyboard with a cell selected » pulls up a “drill down” box that shows how the number is calculated and where the data has come from