You Asked, We Answered: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

By Jill King

November 27, 2013

In our series “You Asked, We Answered” we address questions that pop up often on our Community page. Question: Are there any keyboard shortcuts that can be used in Anaplan? Answer: There are several keyboard shortcuts to be found in Anaplan! Here are a few:
  • CTRL C » copies selected text
  • CTRL V » pastes copied or cut text
  • Function key 'F2' » opens the cell for editing – you can also double click the cell– or if the cell is formatted as a list, it will open the drop down list
  • Ctrl - » zooms view out
  • Ctrl + » zooms view in
  • Shift + F8 on your keyboard with a cell selected » pulls up a "drill down" box that shows how the number is calculated and where the data has come from