Doug Smith

Managing Director

Doug Smith signing in.  I am thrilled to be a part of the Anaplan team.  My passion for changing the way people work together to produce extraordinary outcomes can be fullfilled by virtue of the breakthrough technology that Michael Gould and team have brought to the market.  This will be fun.

The last decade has brought enormous changes to the way people engage with each other in the worlds of commerce and community.  Innovations in technology and rapid changes in the globalization of people and capital movements have given rise to new social networks, new shopping experiences, and dramatic shifts in political affairs.  It has been nearly one year since the twitter community brought the Green Revolution in Iran to the whole planet exposing the despotic state of affairs in their country, despite efforts to choke off the flow of information by the regime.

The pace and flow of information accelerates the rate of change in unpredictable and uncontrollable ways.  Only recently we witnessed the shocks that technology can bring to capital markets as the immediacy of data flows to a community of traders brought most to a stilled moment of panic.  That same “blink of the eye” flow of information quickly brought a collective exhale bringing the markets back from a perceived brink.  High frequency trading, a phenomenon of impressive innovations in technology and its application to capital markets, both contirbuted to the seizure and resuccitated the patient.

Witnessing all of this innovation and consequential impact reminds me how far industry has to go in order to catch up to this pace of innovation.  So fundamental a process as sales forecasting still depends on 30 year old technology and human interactions choked off by layers of latency.  Rather than busting up all of these organizational and information barriers, the technology investments made companies and enterprises during the last decade have only served to reinforce them.  The industry peddles its wares under a different name and tech marketing has become more contemporary.  But the silos persist.

We can do better.  Anaplan seeks to bring a whole new approach to the way sales teams interact with each other, their business partners and their colleagues in marketing, finance and operations.  We call it High Frequency Forecasting and believe it will redfine the way that companies operate.  Break down those information and organizational silos, enable people to work together and see what is possible.  Combine the power of social business frameworks with your plug ‘n play Anaplan applications so your teams know where they stand, what improvements they can make; and, then move on a dime.

Check out the Anaplan App 360 Series and tell us how high frequency forecasting has changed the way your teams work.  Welcome to your new day job.