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Anaplan Helps

Christophe Bodin

Chief Customer Officer

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for organizations and communities on the front lines of the response or whose businesses have been disrupted. Teams and leaders everywhere are faced with making complex decisions quickly as they manage through this new reality.

At Anaplan, we help global organizations use Connected Planning to collaborate across teams, model different scenarios, and accelerate decision making when changes occur. As the world responds to the evolving COVID-19 situation, we want to put our platform to use helping organizations, agencies and businesses navigate this crisis while prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and communities.

Helping Our Communities

We are making our platform and high-impact models available to those in need to help accelerate crisis response and manage the ever-changing variables affecting their organizations. Some examples include:

  • Anaplan is offering free access to its platform for 90 days for qualifying nonprofits, government agencies, health care providers, academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and others on the front lines of the pandemic response. Learn more here.
  • We launched high-impact, out-of-the-box applications that can be quickly leveraged for crisis response, including:
    • Pathology planning and hospital reporting: Helping hospitals plan for their pathology services both locally and as part of the new networks.
    • Staff scheduling: Helping organizations quickly update staffing plans based on multiple variables.
    • Support/call center planning: Helping organizations quickly optimize staffing to accommodate increased traffic or call volumes.
    • Planning, budgeting and forecasting: Helping government agencies develop and connect user-friendly plans and formulas with financial and operational drivers.
  • In collaboration with Deloitte, we are rapidly bringing to market critical planning capabilities for states and localities, educational organizations, hospital systems, manufacturing and other sectors to drive planning, budgeting, forecasting, cash flows, workforce planning, and supply and demand planning.

Helping Our Customers

With our incredible partner ecosystem, we are supporting existing customers on the front lines of the response or whose businesses have been disrupted by COVID-19.

  • A government-sponsored single payer health system will launch an Anaplan-powered resource optimization model to allocate ambulances and emergency staff to where they are needed most.
  • We are helping a biotech company manage fluctuation in their supply as well as scenario modeling. Some of the firm’s therapies have been used to treat respiratory diseases and could potentially be leveraged to develop a new treatment for COVID-19.
  • The travel and tourism sector has been especially impacted, and we are working with one of our airline customers to model a new flexible, dynamic solution that helps drive much-needed revenue as air routes are added back, providing relief to small travel agencies whose livelihood depends on travel bookings.

Innovating During Crisis

Just like our customers who are innovating in response to the global health crisis, Anaplan is also working to deliver more innovative applications to our customers and organizations in need.

Our incredible community of Master Anaplanners came together for a global hackathon to build high-impact models to help solve immediate challenges for current customers, public departments and nonprofits. With one more day to go, participants have already built six applications with much more in progress. We are inspired by their commitment to be part of the solution. To learn more about the hackathon, click here.

As the impacts of COVID-19 continue to evolve, so will Anaplan’s efforts as we develop new approaches to support the response to this global crisis. We extend our hearts to all those who are affected, and our gratitude to those on the front lines.

If there is anything we can do to further support your organization, we welcome your feedback and ideas as we navigate this challenging time together.