Anaplan for Life Sciences and Healthcare

Providing continuous insights to optimize life sciences and healthcare business strategy and execution across the entire enterprise to orchestrate best outcomes.

Transformation and modernization powered by Anaplan

The evolving Life Sciences and Healthcare industry is more competitive than ever before. Anaplan’s connected planning empowers nimble adaptation and clear sight. Maximize profit as well as hidden savings. Break down silos for adaptation and innovation. Share rich analysis in every area of the healthcare business. So you can:

  • Orchestrate signals from multiple extensions into a single trusted platform
  • Synchronize operational metrics in easy formats that empower collaboration
  • Use multi-dimensional scenario planning to stay one step ahead
  • Identify, recruit and retain the best workforce in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry
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Solutions we provide

Finance transformation in Life Sciences and Healthcare

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Deliver predictable results and sustainable growth by gaining full visibility across the drivers of financial performance in all areas of the organization.

Optimize your workforce across the healthcare ecosystem

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Lower operating costs by optimizing workforce strategies across front-office and back-office functions. Make sure the right skill sets are available and where they are needed most.

Continuous supply chain planning and execution

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Reduce inventory levels, improve service levels and cost-to-serve across channels by connecting forecasts, demand signals, capacity and inventory.

Sales performance and incentive compensation

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Sales planning and incentive strategies help drive better performance in Life Sciences and Healthcare providers. Motivate and encourage behavior to improve outcomes.

Customers we've helped

South Central Ambulance Service Logo

Emergency responders mobilize Anaplan to forecast demand for services and deploy their life-saving workforce.
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Genoa’s FP&A team provides its executives instant insight into risk exposure, “What-if” analyses in minutes, not weeks.
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A top 15 global pharmaceutical company streamlines its finance processes with Anaplan, planning cycle cut by a month.