Finding and closing gaps in your workforce planning

Workforce planning is not a favorite process for most HR and business leaders. One potential reason: they haven’t brought together the right data to plan while aligning clearly with objectives for operations and strategy. The process is likely to get more difficult: If COVID-19 taught organizations anything, even the best laid plans can become irrelevant in a flash. Rapid disruptions are becoming the norm, thanks to advances in technology and global, social and economic changes.

The pace of these changes doesn’t mean leaders should give up trying to plan for workforce needs. Instead, they can look for ways to be more agile and adaptable, to find alternatives and next best steps, using tools that can help them analyze and evaluate different scenarios in a crunch. In this on-demand webinar, experts will discuss:

  • Connecting workforce planning with financial and business strategies
  • Resolving common workforce planning challenges
  • Opportunities for planning to improve location, diversity and organizational resilience
Watch the On-demand webinar