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Steer business performance by connecting data, people, and plans across finance and operations

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More than two dozen breakout sessions tailored to your finance interests and skill levels.

By connecting financial and operational planning, you can drive valuable business performance more effectively. With Anaplan’s cloud-based platform, corporate objectives align with operating plans that can be adjusted in response to market events—empowering finance to help the business make better decisions by anticipating the future.

Strategic planning

Shape the future by optimizing business models, product lines, and operational capabilities with ease and confidence.

Intelligently build and own your planning models, and confidently execute your business strategy in today’s rapidly evolving markets.

With the Anaplan platform, you can own strategic planning and drive better collaboration with the business, all without relying on IT. Use your own methodology to evaluate market opportunities, and let predictive analytics turn risk and uncertainty into clear, confident strategies.
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Budgeting and forecasting

Increase speed and agility by automating manual process and adopting best practices.

By automating and restructuring manual, spreadsheet processes with the Anaplan platform, you can anticipate performance gaps, analyze root causes of poor performance and assess alternatives, and enable effective decision-making. With self-service modeling and drill-down capabilities into multiple dimensions and time periods, the Anaplan platform makes analyzing financial and operational data a breeze.

Explore your possibilities with best practices such as driver-based rolling forecasts, zero-based budgeting, profitability modeling, and scenario planning from a comprehensive library of pre-built apps.
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Operational planning

Take cross-functional decisions to unprecedented levels with operational planning in one platform.

Grow revenue, improve margins, address risk, and deliver exceptional customer service by connecting sales, marketing, HR, IT, and supply chain plans back into finance.

Use “what-if” scenarios to help understand the financial and operational impacts of cross-functional decisions and enable collaboration across the business.
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Financial consolidation and corporate reporting

Experience a faster, more efficient period-end close and report with confidence—without compromising compliance.

Tackle your data complexities by automating every step of your consolidation on a single platform that connects all reporting, budgeting, planning, and forecasting processes.

With in-memory calculation, you can enable real-time updates that shorten the consolidation cycle and period-end close, giving valuable time back in your day for strategic analysis—all while complying with regulatory reporting standards.
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Connected enterprise planning

Step outside of the finance silo and collaborate with the business.

The Anaplan platform connects teams within your finance department and across the organization—enabling you to look beyond the numbers. By connecting finance to other business unit plans, your company can improve forecast accuracy, reduce cycle times, and gain deeper business insights. It’s the strategic tool finance needs to pioneer a new age of connected planning.

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