Cash Flow Forecasting Software

Model the cash-in and cash-out impact of decisions before they are made. Watch On-demand Demo Anaplan for Cash Flow Forecasting provides a fully integrated approach to forecasting accounts receivable and accounts payable balances. Highly customizable based on your business needs, Anaplan enables you to unwind your accounts receivable and accounts payable balances, manage your workflow, and understand how specific actions improve your working capital and impact your cash flow. With robust calculation capabilities and in-memory power, you can swiftly import and analyze the entire ledger, allowing you to work at a finer level of granularity, such as by business unit, customer type, or payment method.

Why Anaplan Cash Flow Forecasting Software?

Empower robust accounting functionality Generate U.S. GAAP or IFRS cash flow statements at the monthly functional currency level. Make transparent and automate the effect of exchange rate changes on cash. Generate real time scenario analysis Easily amend the assumptions (business rules) that underpin your cash flow forecast to produce different scenarios – and get results back immediately. Leverage flexible time hierarchies Enable the flexible manipulation of time hierarchies so users can easily combine daily, weekly, and monthly data into their models. Enterprise financial planning Experience an intuitive, simple user experience User-facing input dashboards look and feel like any of the spreadsheet-based cash flow worksheet in use at thousands of companies worldwide. Connect cash flow planning Closely link operational planning with cash management across demand forecasting, inventory planning, and supply planning.

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