Anaplan for Marketing Resource Management

With Anaplan Marketing Resource Management software, plan and optimize marketing spending to create higher ROI from marketing plans. Track campaigns and budgets with instant visibility into predicted revenue generation, based on historical marketing performance metrics such as funnel conversion rates, deal size, and resources.

Why Anaplan for Marketing Resource Management

Enable centralized budget management and spend tracking
Gain control of your budget process by enabling top-down planning, bottom-up spend tracking, and performance forecasting to understand your budget position in real time. Then, easily reconcile those budgets with finance. 

Optimize plans, resources and budgets
Optimize marketing plans across key drivers to ensure maximum impact for your program dollars.

Forecast marketing revenue generation
Build your marketing plans with a focus on revenue generation by embedding historical sales data to see immediate revenue forecasts. Ensure delivery of fast and accurate revenue expectations that align to corporate objectives.

Enterprise financial planning

Redeploy budget to high-growth activities
Easily deploy your budget and resources to higher-yield activities while ensuring that key strategic goals are achieved with embedded transfer and approval processes.

Reduce administrative costs
Reduce administrative overhead on marketing by centralizing planning, forecasting, and optimization capabilities.

Market your marketing
Demonstrate the value of marketing to the business by showing the impact that each and every marketing activity has on revenue generation.

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