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Trimble Navigation gains sales forecast accuracy and new insights with Anaplan

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Trimble Navigation Limited, best known for its GPS technology, has a multinational sales organization that operates in 198 countries around the world. With a globally dispersed sales force, Trimble faced several challenges, including real-time insights and an accurate sales forecast. To battle these challenges, Trimble tried multiple Excel-based systems in a variety of formats. Those options, however, left the company struggling to gain accuracy and alignment, and Trimble was soon stuck in a complicated and inefficient 16-step process just to generate basic sales insights.

After implementing Anaplan, Trimble was able to drastically increase its sales forecasting accuracy. Its global sales team is aligned across multiple time zones, and sales managers have the ability to enter their forecasts on a weekly basis, greatly increasing the accuracy of the sales insights.

“By going down to that third tier, where we’ve never gone in the past, we have now developed very good granularity that enables us to drive a very accurate forecast going forward,” says Campbell Brooke, Worldwide Sales Director at Trimble. “Trimble is committed to Anaplan. It’s now part of our sales DNA. It gives us the flexibility and the transparency we wish for.”

By implementing Anaplan, Trimble is now able to produce full analytics that enable the company to make better-calculated decisions. Hear Campbell Brookes share Trimble’s Anaplan success story.

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