Industrial & Automotive Manufacturing

Power a smarter value chain. Seize market opportunity.

Navigate disruption. Plan for market-changing uncertainty.

The ability to seize new opportunities in the industrial and automotive manufacturing market and adapt to shifting business and commercial models is critical. You have growth on your mind, but need to balance resource allocation, global supply chain disruptions and evolving consumer preferences – or risk getting left behind.

Drive market-leading value

Access data across your value chain for real-time scenario modeling, demand forecasting and automated cost management. Leverage insights to make more informed decisions faster and plan decisively through uncertainty.

Maximize operational performance

Monitor changes in demand, fluctuating costs and supply chain disruptions while optimizing resource allocations and investments so you can operate at peak performance.

Spark new opportunities

Spend less time managing your data and more time using it to meet changing consumer preferences and market shifts. Turn insights into opportunities to create new value and evolve your business.

Connect your business for better, faster decision-making

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Unify your strategic, financial, and operational planning

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Sales and Marketing

Align your revenue strategy with sales and marketing execution

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Supply Chain

Maximize visibility, reduce time-to-decision, adapt at speed

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Optimize your workforce readiness to drive better outcomes

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"Anaplan has enabled me to make changes across the organization and really improve what we’re doing.” 

Planning Systems Manager, Jaguar Land Rover 

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