Accelerate growth and profitability

Design, align, and optimize your sales, marketing, customer success, partner, and financial plans.

Plan your entire go-to-market strategy

You can eliminate disparate data, disjointed teams, and disconnected plans all on one
platform. Build a connected strategy with the only revenue operations planning solution.

Marketing performance management

Focus your limited resources on segments and activities with the
greatest revenue potential. Analyze your performance, model
scenarios, and reallocate your spend in real time. Collaborate
across sales and finance to maximize your ROI.

Sales performance management

Design and optimize your account segmentation, territory, quota,
sales capacity, and compensation plans throughout the year.
Forecast sales, uncover new opportunities, and keep your teams
focused on closing deals. Collaborate across marketing and finance
to hit your number.

Financial planning and analysis

Accurately forecast revenue to define your corporate strategy and
annual revenue plans. Optimize targets, workforce planning, and
budget allocation across your go-to-market organization.
Collaborate across sales and marketing to drive profitable growth.

Drive profitable growth in uncertain times

Optimize your entire go-to-market strategy and respond faster to fast-paced, relentless change across competitive global markets.

Debate your strategy, not your data

Spend less time searching for and cleansing unreliable, inconsumable data.

Bring your revenue intelligence that’s scattered across sales, marketing, and finance into a single data hub. Feed all your decision-making from this single source of planning truth. You’ll always know where you stand with real-time updates. And you can build trust and change your conversations from tactical to strategic.

Anaplan product visual model of a honeycomb representing how Anaplan connects planning for all aspects of business

You call it a hunch. We call it scenario planning.

Banish guesswork, instinct, and gut decision from your vocabulary.

Planning is a continuous exercise. Stay one step ahead of evolving market trends, customer journeys, and your competition with agile modeling, scenario planning and “what-if” analysis. Understand trade-offs before you allocate resources, uncover new opportunities, and keep your teams focused on your most profitable segments and accounts throughout the entire year.

You can go to a meeting the CFO or CEO, and when they ask, 'what if we do this?', you can run those scenarios in real time." Senior Director of Finance, Forescout

Planning is a team sport. Win together.

Leave all your spreadsheets, version controls, and approval tracking behind.

Building a connected go-to-market strategy hinges on strong collaboration in one place. Bring every stakeholder who touches revenue into your budgeting, planning, and forecasting processes at the right time. Collect feedback, incorporate new ideas, validate your strategy, and win more together.

In Autodesk's global revenue operations, eight Anaplan models enable teams worldwide to set sales quotas, build portfolios, evaluate deals, generate foresting models, and more.  Autodesk
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“[Anaplan] allows disparate business units to come together and holistically create a path and a plan for the company to grow.”