Anaplan for Sales Capacity Planning

Anaplan for Sales Capacity Planning enables sales and HR professionals to plan, model, and optimize sales capacity and resource requirements. Ensure that sales organizations have complete coverage in all territories and eliminate the risk of unassigned quotas.

With Anaplan, you no longer have to plan in a black box. Executives and sales leaders have a real-time view of a consolidated sales plan that is connected across territories, reps, and goals. Guarantee that you have the right number of sales people deployed in all of the sales territories and assign quota targets to capture market opportunities and meet revenue targets.

Why Anaplan Sales Capacity Planning Software?

Align sales capacity with territory and quota plans
Assign sales territories to ensure complete coverage. Quickly re-align or temporarily assign sales territories while maintaining historical sales performance data for prior periods.

Connect sales capacity plan with HR hiring plans
Ensure that HR is recruiting and hiring the right number of sales reps at the right time for sales on-boarding and training. Leverage robust modeling to measure the impact of making changes via “what-if” analysis.

Enterprise financial planning

Quickly identify sales capacity and resource gaps
Gain a comprehensive view of your sales plan to understand the impact of covering all sales territories and attaining quota targets. Gain immediate visibility into the sales planning process with a complete audit history.

Streamline and manage complex sales models
Manage the complexity associated with sales territory hierarchies and the coverage model (e.g. movement of sales people, product hierarchies, key account assignments, etc.).

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