Anaplan for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Meticulously plan and “what-if” strategize from the field to the office

Connected Planning in AEC

The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries summon a very distinct process, where planning at every level is essential for project success. But why do we only plan, “what-if,” and scenario model at the site level? AEC firms have fallen victim to their own planning methodologies, focusing in on the projects, but not the enterprise or portfolio. Although mobile solutions improve productivity and MR/VR improve design review, there are no options to drive business improvements. It’s time for a change, away from project-centric tech toward enterprise portfolio management. With five AEC-specific solutions and infinite potential, Anaplan can be leveraged for Connected Planning in AEC right now.

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The new reality in AEC

As contract methodologies change and collaborative design processes become more frontloaded, the AEC value chain is occupied by increasing numbers of participants. Considering this end-to-end requirement to plan, collaborate, and control results, Anaplan proposes a set of solutions that meet the needs of the challenges that traditional tools (like spreadsheets) don’t solve.

The future in AEC: End-to-end value chain solutions

AEC firms that connect and leverage their data for a broader planning conversation will bridge the gap between project and business success. BIM, estimating, project management, FP&A, supply chain, etc., are not discrete processes in construction. Connected Planning is the path forward to maximize ROI and reduce data pain.

With Anaplan, easily dive into project metrics and zoom out to view enterprise-wide status. Collaborate with project teams and inter-regional teams to develop intelligent project, business, and portfolio plans.
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Additional solutions for AEC

Workforce resource management

  • Resource management
  • Recoveries planning
  • Resource forecasting

Integrated demand and supply management

  • Advanced work package planning
  • Portfolio demand
  • Supplier management

Value chain, cost estimation and trade offs

  • Materials cost forecasting
  • Margin optimization
  • Project estimation

Enterprise value management

  • Project cash flow analysis and S-curves
  • Backlog management
  • Planning, budgeting, and forecasting

Risk management

  • Project predictability
  • Project safety scorecard
  • Financial variance reporting

The Connected Planning difference


Project conditions change constantly – create control with Anaplan dynamic Connected Planning


Projects are completed best when you collaborate – this works the same for your enterprise plans


We get smarter by learning from what changed – Anaplan for AEC makes your business more intelligent

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“Anaplan is fast, and this platform allows us to centralize all our thoughts, our planning, our company-wide strategies with one tool that is accessible to the different stakeholders in each area. The platform allows us to be able to collaborate and improve our business in long run.”

- Alfonso Martinez,
Finance Manager, Starwood Waypoint Homes

“Anaplan is really one vision of the truth. You can look at it from all angles.”

- Alyson Lougheed,
Manager of Sales Compensation, TELUS

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“Our partnership with Anaplan has transformed the way we plan and forecast, supporting our customer network across the country to ensure that they continue to have the right product in the right place at the right time.”

- Sam Fergus, Senior Manager
Logistics Excellence, Tarmac

Connected planning in a complex industry


Forecasting time cut by three-fourths

Anaplan named a Leader in the 2019 Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions Magic Quadrant

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Connected Planning in an era of disruption